Saturday, December 6, 2008

Those who trust in the Lord...

As I was taking my nightly bubble bath, God and I were having a discussion. It seemed a little one sided, until I got out of the tub and started reading my Bible.
God and I were talking about court on Monday. I was letting Him know that I really needed our case to go to trial...I am so tired of waiting and having DHS in my home, telling me what to do, having to ask permission to pick my nose, I am just tired. I was thinking that maybe we should just hire our own attorney and get this whole thing overwith. If we hire our own attorney, it would definately make DHS mad, but once we get tpr on bio dad, our adoption would go much faster. (Remember...Jake's took 10 months and that was with NO problems other than the lack of DHS participation in the matter!)
I was also talking to Him about our January baby and all the details regarding that. Here is what God told me:
"Those who trust in the Lord are as secure as Mount Zion; they will not be defeated but will endure forever. Just as the mountains surround and protect Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds and protects His people, both now and forever." (Psalm 125:1-2)

And about hiring a lawyer: "If a wise person takes a fool to court, there will be ranting and ridicule, but no satisfaction." (Proverbs 29:9) I am considering myself to be the "wise" one here and DHS the "fool"! I am always totally amazed when God answers a prayer so quickly and specifically.

I also want to share a conversation that "S" and I had today. She came to us when she was 2 1/2 years old. We were her first glimpse of stability and normal family life.

S - What are you doing?
Me - Sewing (I explained to her a little bit more about what I was doing.)
S - Can I sew like you?
Me - Well, when you are older you can.
S - When I am older like you, can I spank people??
Me - (spitting my Pepsi) Well, I guess if you have kids that are naughty, you can spank them, but you can't just spank "people" in general!
S - When I am older like you, I'm gonna have four children.
Me - Really? You are going to have four children?
S - Yes, and when we get a baby, the children will hold it all the time.
Me - That sounds like a plan!

She wants what we have and that makes me feel extremely humbled and gratified. Healing's what I have been called to have a part in. I am also amazed at how a child not of my biology can be so much like us...she has my heart for children.

Here are a few pics we had taken for Christmas cards and such...I thought they turned out pretty well considering this was done only a few hours after we learned about the medical examiner's report on Jacob...

This is Noah...he was the "baby" of the family for WAY too long! He LOVES attention!

"What are you doing, Noah???"


  1. I love the pictures, you have a beautiful family. I am so impressed that everyone is looking at the camera and smiling!

    I know it has to be hard to take family pictures without Jacob in them. I am sorry sweet friend! I know this time of year can be so good but so hard at the same time. I am praying for you all.

    I love your honesty about what your thoughts are with the adoption and DHS. God is so good to answer clearly and quickly. Sometimes sadly, I plan what I am going to do and give it way too much thought before I ask Him.

    Can't wait to see Him move!


  2. Your Family is so beautiful, I love the pictures also! The scriptures you post continue to impact my life. As I was searching for a verse to end our family Christmas letter with this morning I decided on, Psalm 84:11 For the Lord God is a Sun and a Shield; the Lord bestows grace and favor and glory (honor,splender and heavenly bliss)! No good thing will he withold from those who walk uprightly.

  3. Thank you! I am so anal, the pics are actually driving me insane! I MEANT to take down the fall thingy on the mantle before we took our "Christmas" pics...I am probably the only one who would even notice! Love your verse, Kristy!

  4. You're right, I didn't even notice the mantle...I did notice your beautiful home, and the gorgeous mirror and fireplace, but had no clue that was fall stuff on the mantle!