Thursday, April 2, 2009

Just a teaser....

I don't have the time or energy to post all the details, but here is a peek at our newest addition! God has His hand all over this and I am so eager to share everything, but the 2-4 trips a day to the NICU have me a little tired...I will ask that you pray for baby girl to start eating...that's the only thing keeping our 4lb 10oz chocolate foster baby in the hospital!!!


  1. Hey, thanks for the plug by using our button!

    Love seeing that baby girl. I can't believe she is this tiny! Just want to snuggle her myself. I can't tell you how much she looks like Sadie with her hair and skin! I can't see her face, but ooooh how fun! Praying for energy and strength. God is good!

  2. Oh my gosh I'm screaming!!!! Can we see her wow wowowowowowowowowow I'm so excited God is Good and I can't contain my excitement to be a part of all this through Gods love please please tell me something to do to help anything! Hearing Gods voice assure me to assure you that your baby is coming and it happened and I had a page in my Joyce Meyers bible that I came across and kept thinking of you on Wed night and how I wanted to share it with you ok I can't calm down so I'll just wait to hear more prayers and love sending your way!!!!!

  3. We are reading from front to back and studying the bible in our small group so of course we have started in Genesis and sometimes during discussion I read the side notes that pertain to each chapter: this is directly out of the Joyce Meyers addition Amplified Version, and Wed nioght of last week I could only think of you and your situation. "give God time

    Abraham had a definate word from God about his future. He knew what God had promised, but he had no indication about when the promise would be fulfilledd. The same is often true for us. While we are waiting for our manifestation to come forth-waiting for a breakthrough-we may grow frusterated or impatient. Sitting in the waiting room ios not always easy. Once God speaks to us or shows us something, we tend to be excited and focus on that revelation. It is as though we are "pregant" with what God has said. He has planted a seed in us and then we have to enter a time of preparation before that seed can bear fruit. These seasons prepare equip us to handle whatever God hads promised to give us or do for us. This process parallels the developmentand birth of a child. First a seed is planted in the mothers womb then a time of preparation (the nine months of waiting) is required, and then, finally the baby is born. During the nine months so much happens in the mother's body prepares to give birth, and the family prepares everything necessary for a new baby in the house.
    Just as so much development takes place in the hidden place of the mother's womb, there is also much activity taking place in the spiritual realm concerning God's promises in our lives-and we connot see this, any more than we can watchcells multiply in a unborn baby. The fact that we cannot see or feel any progress does not mean nothing is happening, God does some of his best work in secret; He delights in suprising his childre. Whether you know it or not, God is busy bringing good things to pass for you, right this minute! Just give him time-and you will see." Again these are Joyce's words but delivered to me not only for you but me also!