Thursday, July 23, 2009

Still waiting...

(Patty...this is for you!)

Well, still no baby Emma. "E" will leave the mental hospital tomorrow, so Praise God she has had 10 days of great care. He hasn't let me down so far, so I refuse to worry about "E" and the rest of her pregnancy. "E" is doing so much better, has gained weight, has her diabetes under control, etc. BUT...tomorrow she goes back to the lifestyle she is accustomed to, so please pray for her protection and health for the next 3 weeks. "E" did tell me that being in the mental hospital made her feel good about know...being around all those crazy people. (Her words...not mine!) I am still praying she goes into labor before she actually gets out tomorrow...just so you know!
On Sunday, July 19, Jacob would have turned 3 years old. The actual birthday was not as hard as the anticipation of the birthday...but then again, I had SO many people praying for me. I will NEVER be able to thank you all enough, or repay you even a portion of what you deserve. One of my faithful friends gave me this for Jacob's birthday:

It's a little hard to see, but it has Jacob's name, with 2 each of three stones. July, for his birthday, September for the day we got him, and August for the day we finalized his adoption. I had mentioned to a group of my friends that I had found a place that would make jewelry of "your story" and I was thinking about getting something, but had no idea she would do this for me. I cried. But it was sweet tears.

Another one of my faithful friends and her family went to Jacob's graveside and let off balloons in honor of his birthday.

How sweet was that??? She also offered to bring me chocolate! But I was doing okay. I have the BEST friends, EVER!! God is so good to me.
Today, I started working on school stuff for the next school year. God has healed my heart in such amazing ways. I get so excited when I look back at the day and see how much I have accomplished. I have only just started to feel like the "real" Tracy and I have truly missed her.
At some point at the beginning of this long journey, I pretty much told God that I couldn't do this for more than a year. My kids need me. Of course, He told me that they really didn't, they only needed Him, but whatever. :) I am just so excited for the future. God is my hope and He has proven Himself to me over and over again.
"Yet what we suffer now is NOTHING compared to the glory He will give us later..." Romans 8:18


  1. I love the bracelet. I made one when I had my miscarriage and it brought me such healing. You have some great friends.

    Sherry Randolph

  2. Oh yeah where can you get the story braclets made I would like to have a few made.

  3. I Love the bracelet also and the balloons. I didn't know I shared Jacobs birthday. Your journey/story has meant so much to me and my walk with Jesus Christ and everytime I read something, it amazes me how two complete strangers have been able to connect and share stories, God is so good and your right he his taking care of that sweet baby girl getting her completely prepared to be delivered to your arms!

  4. What a beautiful bracelet. You are blessed to have wonderful friends who love you so much! This has been a tough year for you, but God has brought you through. Keep looking up even on those down, dark days-I know the feelings. And a little of that chocolate doesn't hurt, either!

  5. Hi Tracy! Just found your blog through CA, we just went online a few days ago. Looking forward to hearing about your story, we will be praying for baby Emma!