Friday, August 28, 2009

"Whatever He wants to do, He does..."

so He will do for me all He has planned." Job 23:13-14

WOW! Where do I start. Monday was the start of a new day...a new year. No more "firsts" since Jacob died. We were moving on (again and again). Then the phone rang. This is the conversation that took place:

DHS: May I speak to "E"?
Me: She isn’t at this number, may I help you?
DHS: Well, this is her DHS worker and I need to get in touch with her so I can go over her plan.
Me: Well, she is homeless and has no phone. (I gave her Northcare’s…the mental health counseling place she goes to… info and told her about E always getting her check there on the first) But, E is not going to do a case plan.
DHS: Oh, I know. I’m not offering her one, but we would like to see if she will relinquish. How do you know E?
Me: We are the couple who were supposed to adopt the baby.
DHS: OH! I know who you are. Well, it says in my notes that you are not interested in adopting through DHS. Is that right? Are you wanting to be totally out of this?
Me: Well, when I said that, I was a little emotional and no, it would not be my first choice. Besides, I didn’t think there was any possibility of us adopting this baby at this point. If we did decide to adopt, it would have to be a pretty much done deal…I can’t have her again and then lose her.
DHS: Well, we are going to tpr E and I just need to know if you are willing to adopt the baby.
Me: Is she still at the hospital or in the shelter?
DHS: No, she is in a kinship home…with a cousin.
Me: Is the cousin not wanting to keep her?
DHS: Well, we don’t know yet, but I wanted to see where you stood in case. When we TPR, we need an adoptive home ready to go.
Me: Yes. We will adopt her if that option were to open up.
DHS: Okay. That’s what I needed to know. I will let you know when I find something out.

SERIOUSLY??? And my first response is "GOD????? WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME????"

So, I put out a fleece. Confirmation...whatever God wanted to give me. And I asked Him to show me what to do, how to move forward (and then I got bold) through a phone call.

That was Monday. Yesterday was Thursday. I was helping at my sister's garage sale. I had run home to get a few boxes of girl baby clothes. I was going to really thin them out and give some things away. I loaded up my truck, and headed back to the sale. I took in the box of boy things I had, and prepared to unload the truck. My phone rang.

It was "E". She needed me to take her to court so she could sign over her rights to me. WHAT????? She was told by the worker that she needed to be at court to relinquish her rights and choose who she wanted her baby to go to and she said she wanted me to have Emma.

Well, she had some of her facts right, but court was not yesterday. It's Monday at 1:30pm. And I have talked to "E's" worker, and she has confirmed what will happen.

Basically, "E" will go to DHS court. She will tell the judge that she wants to give guardianship of Emma to us (or whomever she chooses) and she can sign right then and there. Guardianship means that we will be OUT of DHS!!! We will still be under the judge's eye for a year, but guess who the judge is??? JACOB'S JUDGE!!! The one who shut his court down to come to Jake's funeral! He loves us!

After a year, we can file tpr on "E" ourselves and proceed with the adoption. This option is TOTALLY fine with us. No DHS involvement, we get our baby, and "E" will be finished with her part of all of this.

"For I have stayed in God's paths; I have followed His ways and not turned aside. I have not departed from His commands but have treasured His word in my heart. Nevertheless, His mind concerning me remains unchanged, and who can turn Him from His purposes? Whatever He wants to do, He does. So He will do for me all He has planned. He controls my destiny." Job 23:11-14

That was my passage of the day yesterday...rather fitting, don't you think??

Here are my prayer requests:

1 - "E" will remain sober. (She spent 3 weeks in detox and is now in outpatient rehab...and doing well!)
2 - The court will recognize that DHS should not have stepped in at all.
3 - We will have peace no matter the outcome.
4 - "E" will follow through with her plan this time. (I am confident that she will show for court...she gave me her ID. She has to have it on Tuesday to cash her check. This is her way of letting me know she is serious.)
5 - That "E" will have clarity of mind on Monday. She gets flustered easily.

No matter the outcome, there will be closure. And for that I will be grateful. "E" and I have talked in depth about what happened at the hospital and some things that went on that I had suspected, and now have will be addressed to the higher ups, but not until Emma is safe at home.

Please feel free to ask any questions you have and I will try and answer them!

Oh...and I didn't sell any girl things at the garage sale!!!


  1. This is SO great and I'm SOOOO excited about Monday! I'm praying God's will, but also specifically that all will go smoothly and Emma will be yours to keep forever and ever!!!

  2. Yeah God!!! This is amazing and just what I needed to hear today. God is in control... His ways are so not ours... Sometimes so hard to understand... but I love to see him at work. I will be praying for all of the things that you mentioned... May the Lord strengthen you this weekend and give you great peace as you wait... again:) He loves you all with an everlasting love. So happy for this new news!

  3. Go God!!!!! Show us your Handiwork, bigtime!!!!! Praying through Monday and you post us what has happened!!!

  4. Tracy,

    This is amazing news!

    God does move in miraculous ways. Every since you said that Emma was definitley not yours, God had placed both "E" and Emma on my heart and I have continued to pray for them. I asked protection, and God's will for Emma and that she be in a home that would love and nourish her and for "E" I have been praying that she would stay off drugs and have a safe place to be each night.

    I never expected the answer to be "E" placing Emma with you but what a way for God to answer prayers!

    I will continue to pray that things will go well on Monday.


  5. oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh how did I miss this oh yeah I had one of those days... I praying for Mon. to go smoothly and as God has planned and then I have to come see that girl and hold her soooN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. WOW!!!!! "What A Mighty God We Serve"~

    love and prayers

  7. Tracy I got goosebumps the whole time I read this...surely the presence of the LORD is in this...kept going through my head. I don't know if that really helps any. BUT my prayers are with you and your family, may GOD just guide you with his hand. Love and Prayers,Leagh

  8. Isn't that just like God? :) Wow Tracy, your amazing testimony to God's faithfulness just keeps on going and going! I will be praying for E, for you and for you!

  9. Hi,

    I have been following your blog for sometime but I don't think I have ever commented but I have to today! When you posted that you heard God so clearly about getting a baby named Emma and you knew it was that Emma, I belived you! I, too, have heard God tell me that I was getting Ms. S's baby. Then she picked another family and I thought I heard God wrong, just like you did when Emma had to return. Ms. S changed her mind and said she couldn't give the other family her baby and she chose us, just like "E" is doing for you! I belive you have heard God and He knew all along what would happen but if he told you/me at the time we wouldn't have wanted it that way. The plan has to unfold the way He plans because other things have to fall into place. I hope that makes sense. I am praying for you and Emma and "E".


  10. WOW! Just when you think it is all over God surprises you again!! I am so thrilled for you and am praying fervently for all to go well :)


  11. Goodness! It is amazing to see God's planning. I will be excited to hear an update!

  12. 2 hours to go!! Will be praying. . . please update as soon as it happens!