Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Not private just yet...

Okay...I DID go private for a few days, but realized when I was trying to add all of you who wanted to keep following me, that if I didn't have your email address, then I couldn't add you. There are some of you who do not have a blogger profile, and therefore your email is not connected to your comments. I CAN'T FIND YOU!!!

So, although I have SO much to share with you, I am going to wait a little while longer. If you are a lurker and emailed me, or not a lurker and emailed me, would you please leave a comment with your email address? Or you can email it to me at . I won't stalk you...well, maybe....but probably not.

If you are a friend of mine on facebook, don't worry...I will be linking you to my site. And I promise none of you who want to follow me were the problem! (You guys are so funny!) The troublemakers wouldn't dare ask to follow me!

Alright...hurry up...I'm anxious to post!!! OH! And if you already received a notice that I added you, disregard don't have to do anything else!


  1.'ve confused me...not hard to do! and my Blogger is and I'm a facebook buddy. So, I'm good, right?!

  2. Oh please all me! My feelings will be hurt if you don't. ((**SMILE**))

    Who knew? I didn't even know you could go private. I hope things are rocking along well in your world with that sweet new addition of yours!

  3. OK - I'm a lurker!


  4. I didn't receive a notice yet... so I thought I would give you my email... just to make sure, certainly don't want to be a pest though:) I just love Emma's hair and big beautiful eyes Tracy... just precious!

  5. Hi Tracy,

    I am just back into the blogger world and catching up on peoples blogs. Please add me, you have been such encouragment to me in the past.


    Thanks and Blessings,


    I've been a bad blogger lately, but so glad that Emma isFINALLY home! ;)

  7. My email address is

  8. Mine is

    I did try to get to your blog a couple of times and wasn't able to. I thought you might just be picking really close friends and true bloggers. I am neither. I don't follow alot of blogs. Anyway, I am one of your fb's friends though. Thanks, Dawn

  9. im a fb follower...hope is going well!

  10. My email address is

  11. Thanks for the opportunity to continue to follow! You're blog has been such a blessing, wishing you and your family all the best!

    Tara :)

  12. I got the invitation to read the blog, but when I confirmed it said you had too many readers already.