Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Brand New Blog!!!

Well, here it is. After having to go private on my last blog, and not really liking that at all, I decided just to take my old blog down and start fresh. I do have a copy of the entire blog that I can email if you are's kind of like a book! I hated that some of you couldn't get on anymore and it really is a pain to have to sign in every time. I pondered whether or not to even blog anymore, and for a couple of weeks I thought I would just give it up, but then I realized how much I love to blog, and how many friends and prayer warriors I have met throughout the past 20 months.

I feel like we have started a new chapter in our lives...thus the new blog. So, bear with me as I figure out this new blogging system. I think I will like it much better. I believe you can actually subscribe to this blog so when I post something new, it comes right to you instead of you having to check your blog roll every day...or maybe that's just me that does that!!

So...welcome, or maybe it's welcome back! I'll leave you with this...

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