Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The report is in...

I received a phone call today from the police detective on Jacob's case. The medical examiner's report is in. What an answer to prayer! She said the last one she waited on took 8 months! She got Jacob's in less than 3!

The findings were not what we wanted. Jacob did die from asphyxiation. The dresser was the cause of death and it was ruled an accident. Several people had told us there was no bruising, and led us to believe it was his heart...not this. I really wanted it to be his heart. I had no control over his heart.

The detective was very kind and told me not to blame myself, complimented our family profusely, asked about Justin, was VERY kind, but unfortunately, her words were of little comfort.

On the bright side (and I say this as I am trying to breathe) we are finished with the wait. The allegation with DHS will be cleared up and closed by the end of the week. I do not have to worry about it intefering with S&J's adoption or anything else, for that matter.

Please pray for us on Thursday. I will be going to court for S&J. Bio dad is scheduled to relinquish his rights, but paternal grandfather is also scheduled to show up to court...we really are not sure what he wants, but he does claim he was not notified of S&J being in DHS custody. Really???? Two years and not one of your family members (not even your son) told you anything???? Prayers, please.



  1. I'm so glad for you and your family that the report is in. I'll will be praying for your court date I was a mess when grandma and aunt were trying to step in for Aaron I couldn't imagine him leaving us and not only that two of his siblings had been in care for two years prior to his birth why now were they stepping in and thats excatly what the judge said but stil did a icpc/homestudy neither passed sorry but it was a hoorah moment for us! Prayers and Huggs!

  2. Praying grace for your family as you continue to put one foot in front of the other. Bless you ALL!

  3. I am sitting here trying to think of what to write....when really my heart is SCREAMING...NO, please NO! I know that's got to be what you keep repeating. I am so sorry. Because in reality, I would be doing to myself what you are probably doing to yourself. Please know that each and every one of those thoughts is from Satan. They are NOT TRUE! Everytime one of those thoughts sneaks into your head..please scream out for Jesus to take those away. You are a child of God and I am praying that your head will be full of truths from Him and that He will keep your hold your heart. It makes me think of that OLD Mercy Me song, "Sit with Me a While" Talks about just needing to sit with God. I think of actually sitting in his lap. What a great visual.

    As for court, could this be a bigger week for you all??? My goodness! I will keep praying that all goes smoothly. Gosh, I would be a nervous wreck (what great faith I have, huh?)! It's just that you know you have no control over the situation you just have to sit back and see what God has planned.

    Wish I could hug you tonight. You're gonna need a bath for sure!

  4. Tracy,

    I am so glad the final report is in, even if the results are not what we would have wished.

    As for court, we will be in prayer. Asking wisdom and discernment for all authority figures as well as grace, strength and courage for your family.


  5. I am Allison, Molly's friend, and i check back on your blog often, and pray for you. I am sorry that the report isn't one you wanted, I have been listening to Steven Curtis Chapman's interview with James Dobson about his little girl's accidental death. http://listen.family.org/daily/A000001488.cfm I have been listening to it as it deals with death and grief. I hope you don't mind me giving this to you, since I don't know you, but I thought it might be some help since you are both greiving the loss of an adopted child.

    Allison Stephens