Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm just sayin....

God promised me a baby girl about 3 years ago. I have all the scripture to prove it for the last 3 years, too.

Fast forward to about September. "I will honor and praise your name, for you are my God. You do such wonderful things! You planned them long ago, and now you have accomplished them." (Isaiah 25:1)

"You are a God of justice, and you smooth out the road ahead of them." (Isaiah 26:7b)

"For I am ready to set things right, not in the distant future, but right now!!" (Isaiah 46:13)

And there are MANY more, but I cannot type the entire Bible for you! The first 3 years, all I heard from God was "Wait on the Lord". Then in September, it started to sound more like, "Soon, I will accomplish these things".

Okay...we are lead to http://www.christianadoption.com/ and sign on with them on 10/31/08. The day before Thanksgiving, we are told about this baby who will be born addicted to meth. The Sunday after Thanksgiving, I tell God, "If this is our baby, you have to sell this house today." God sold the house.

There are lots of little encouragements and promises that were given to me in between what I am writing that I am leaving out...LOTS!

So, feeling a little discouraged, in January, I told God to tell me this was our baby through a friend. About 3 days later, I get an email from one of you guys telling me the Holy Spirit told you this was my baby.

Fast forward to this past Sunday. Bio mom's due date is actually 2/6 (well, from what she says as there has been no medical exam). I told God on Sunday that I really needed to know what day this was going to happen. Now, I don't know about you, but so far, my Bible has never said, "Tracy Phillips, this _____ is going to happen on February ______, 2009. Anyone else?? I mean, seriously...my exact words were, "God, if there is ANY WAY possible that you could tell me what day this baby is coming, would you PLEASE show me in my Bible??? PLEASE????? I NEED to know! I believe that you are going to do this...that's not the question, but I really want to know the day."

So today, I am reading in my Bible. You know that my Bible gives me Old Testament, New Testament, Psalm and Proverb. I am reading about Moses and the ungrateful, whining Israelites, not even thinking about the prayer I prayed 2 days ago. Really, I was just trying to get to the next page that had underlining so I could see what I had underlined! Real spiritual, huh? I know this was Moses talking to the Israelites, but today, this was God speaking to me. This is the last verse from the Old Testament today. (Oh...and by the way...I went to Bible Gateway and it is not written like this in any other version...including the actual one I am using!)

"Get ready for an important event two days from now." (Exodus 19:15)

I'm just sayin....


  1. Aaaahhh!! That just makes me what to jump up and scream praises. So excited for you!! Hugs

  2. That makes me want to watch Heather jump up and down! :-)

    Love to all!

  3. I can never forget the night I was woke up with a strong mans voice saying Leviticus, I thought to myself what and said it three times out loud to not forget it in the morning. i woke up the next morning and read the book of Leviticus and I didn't understand why God had spoke this to me until I went back to the beginning and read the preface to the book, my bible was a recovery NIV and it said, This book of laws show God's loving concern for the health, safety and moral purity of his ppeople. Also recognizing the awesome holiness of God. Now this was at the time I felt I was having to fight for Aaron to stay in our home. Still thought wow God you are amazing to speak to me so powerfully, it wasn't until I was doing research on Child Safe Act that in the exact law it was written that this law was written to protect the children for what was in thier best interest, health and safety. God is amazing and powerfull and will speak to us especially when we are listening.

  4. ps. thank you for getting me to open up my bible and pray for God to speak to me, and I will listen.

  5. WOW! That's incredible! I am loving watching this story unfold!

  6. God amazes me each and every day! We will keep praying and praying for God to CONTINUE to do great works! Tracy, you are truly an inspiration!